56CBM LNG Tank Trailer

Curb weight (Kg) 17680 Payload (Kg) 22320
Total Weight (Kg) 40000 Dimensions
capacity 56000 L Unit volume filling weight(KG/L) 0.38
Design temperature(°C) -196 Design pressure 0.68mpa
Applicable shipping medium Liquefied natural gas(LNG) Working pressure 0.68mpa
Inside tank
06Cr19Ni10 Tank shell material 16MnR/Q345R
Adiabatic way Vacuum \ multi-layer adiabatic Adiabatic materials Steel
(Relief valve) opening pressure(Mpa) 0.61
Main configuration
Items Data Items Data
(FUWA 13T) 3 set Tire (12R22.5 Double Coin) 12+1 set
King pin 1 set Spare tire carrier 2 set
Steel mechanicalsuspension system 1 set Pneumatic brake system 1 set
24V circuit system 1 set ABS 1 set
outrigger 1 set Hand tool 1 set
Loading and unloading valve 1 set loading and unloading hose 1 set
Content gauge 1 set Relief valve 2 set
Thermal meter 1 set Fire extinguisher 2 unit
Manometer 1 set Anti-static drag ground 1 unit
Cabinet 1 unit toolbox 1 unit