SINOTRUK applies IT in all business processes to come to products with the highest quality in the market.Within the IT department you will work in an international multidisciplinary project environment. The IT department at SINOTRUK currently consists of 250 customer-oriented employees. They are responsible for the development, support and management of information systems for all users in Europe.
SINOTRUK continuously invests in IT to accelerate product development projects, further improve production efficiency and optimize logistic, financial and sales processes.
Efficient transport involves more than just the perfect truck. Therefore, SINOTRUK offers a total transport solution. Behind SINOTRUK is a professional organisation and an international dealer network. They help you in choosing the right vehicle, arrange financing and keep your fleet in perfect condition.
SINOTRUK Financial, the in-house financier of SINOTRUK, offers customized financial services that completely focus on the transport sector. Like no other, SINOTRUK Financial understands your business, which makes them a real business partner. Naturally for the financing of your trucks, but also for complete combinations, including superstructures and trailers. With various financing possibilities, including repair and maintenance and insurance options. SINOTRUK Financial always offers a perfect solution, tailored to your individual requirements.
We provide the original parts for all series of Sinotruk truck,we can guarrantee the quality of the parts and the parts will be fit with your truck.
SINOTRUK training can help drivers to achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption and improve their driving performance.

SINOTRUK’s heavy trucks have been exported to 96 countries and regions across the globe. In 2016, the import and export division of SINOTRUK has received export orders of 32,600 units in total (while that of self-owned branded vehicle is about 23,006 units), ranking the first place in export market for 12th consecutive years. SINOTRUK has become a code word for Chinese heavy trucks in overseas market, especially Africa, Southeast Asia and South America.

SINOTRUK has taken steps towards immersing in the local culture, employing local residents, using co-branding, advertising and overcome challenges they face in terms of culture, marketing and regulations, etc. in order to adapt to overseas market.
With respect to R&D and after sales, SINOTRUK provides excellent localized and individual services: providing packed solutions to key and big customers; setting up part centers in the market with vehicle holding volume of 3,000 units and above to meet the demand for part supply; more thoughtful is, SINOTRUK provides technical literatures in minority languages including operation manual, parts catalog, maintenance manual and training materials, etc., satisfying the demands among minority language speaking customers.