Flatbed Trailer With Sideboard

1. The style and the fence structure of the multifunction semi-trailer are designed reasonably by considering the cargo type. On the basis of meeting the loading capacity, the cargo body weight is reduced fully.
2. The frame of the vehicle adopts the space frame structure of welding the longitudinal beam and the integral through type cross beam. It is outstanding in strength, rigidity, toughness and bearing capacity. Meanwhile, the frame won’t come out with permanent deformation.
3. The multifunction semi-trailer avails itself of the new type suspension system which is highlighted by high strength and strong impact resistance.

Technical Parameters

Overall Dimension (mm) 13000 × 2500 × 2720
Inside Dimension of Cargo Body (mm) 12650 ×2340 ×600 (with Additional Cargo Plate)
Axle 3 ×13t Fuhua Axle
Beam Height (mm) (mm) 500
Ventral Shield Thickness (mm) 8
Top and Bottom Wing Plates Thickness (mm) 14 /16
Outrigger (t) 28
Number of Tires 12
Tire 11.00R20
Rated Load (kg) 50000
Fifth Wheel 90#
Container Size 40 feet