Girder Transporters

Girder transporter is a rubber tyred carrier always work together with railway/highway gantry crane and bridge girder erector(launching gantry), called three-piece in the industry. It is a economical and efficient transporter to build highway and high speed railway bridge in the shortest possible time.

We also call this way PSM, stands for pre-cast span method. The famous Beijing to Shanghai high speed railway was built in this way. Spans(concrete box girders) are pre-cast concrete girder in place near bridge or railway construction site. Operators use girder transporter to transport those spans next to launching gantry one by one. The gantry erects a piece of span and moves it to space between next two piers.

You may need 90 days to build a bridge in old days. Now you only need 3 days to finish same work if you use span carrier in PSM way.

The carrier is in one piece, not good for other purposes, so self propelled modular trailer is a better product to choose.

Features of girder transporter

  • Radio remote control is an option
  • Angular and speed sensor ensure precise moving and elevating
  • Self protection system
  • Transport launching gantry, pre-cast concrete box girder to speed up your project.


Carrying Capacity (ton) 900
Curb Weight (ton) 256
Wheel Base (mm) 1800
Size (mm) 41410×6582×2000±300
Tire 12.00-20