Rear Dump Trailer With U Shape

Tare weight 8730kg
Size 8870mm *2500mm*3500mm
Chassis Heavy duty and extra durability designed I beam; opting forT700, welded by automatic
Submerged-Arc processes.
Top plate 14mm .bottom plate 8mm .middle plate 14mm .height:500mm
Axle 3 Fuwa 13T
Suspension Mechanical suspension
Leaf spring Leaf spring 90mm*11mm*10pcs
Cylinder HYVA 196
Floor Floor 4mm side wall 3mm
Tire 11.00R20 18PR triangle brand 13
Wheel rim 8.0-20 Better brand 13
Kingpin 3.5’’ bolt-in king pin
Landing gear SAF brand two-speed, manual operating ,heavy duty landing gear 28T
Braking system WABCO RE6 relay valve ;T30/30 spring brake chamber;40L air tanks
Spare trie carrier 1pcs
Tool box 1pcs
Painting Complete chassis sand blasting to clean rust ,1coat of anticorrosive prime,2coats of final paint
Accessories One shaft wrench