Shipyard Transporters

Shipyard transporter/trailer is a self propelled hydraulic carrier which is widely used in shipbuilding units erection and ship repair in dockyard, provides exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces by utilizing advanced steering technology, carries out very sensitive and precise driving maneuvers by the huge platform in order to accurately position hull blocks in intended assembly areas.


  • Power system consists of DA variable pump, hydraulic motor, control valve, sensor and electric control component
  • Radio remote control is an option.
  • Independent hydraulic suspension(pendulum), moving sideways like a crab, increase transporter’s maneuverability.
  • Moving sideways like a crab.
  • Angular and speed sensor ensure precise moving and elevating.
  • Electronic and hydraulic multi-directional steering.
  • Two or more shipyard transporters walk in step(synchronization)
  • Hydraulic suspensions realize three or four support points and move up and down smoothly.

What Can Shipyard Transporter Do

Transportation, elevating and assembly of hull blocks in dockyard. Mainly used inside of shipyard for transport of oversize ship section, ship diesel engine and other abnormal ship components. If a complete vessel over 600 metric tons need to be moved, you probably will need help of SPMT.


Platform Width (mm) 5000-6000 5100-8000
Wheelbase (mm) 1400 1500
Platform Height (mm) 1600±300 1950±350
Carrying Capacity (ton) 7-200 100-680
Speed Without Load (KMH) 10 10
Speed With Full Load (KMH) 5 5