SPMT (self propelled modular transporter) is composed of hydraulic suspension axles, drive axles(adopt Rexroth reducer), brake system, rack and pinion steering system, wireless control system and power pack unit, many electronic parts and up to 195kw horizontal diesel engine is built in PPU to supply power for move, steer and lift.

SPMT is widely used to transport equipment such as nuclear reaction tower, harbor crane in shipbuilding, railway bridge construction, offshore, harbor logistics(load in/out), energy construction, eco energy and other industries.

Core technologies of SPMT

Massive driving mechanism joint, multi point auto oil charge technology. Through auto oil charge to each SPMT module, an convenient and efficient solution is applied and solved the heat reserve from massive SPMT driving mechanism joint. Efficiently improve the lifetime for the driving mechanism.

PPU approaching angle auto adapting technology. Through vision transmission technology to control the PPU’s approaching angle auto adapting to the road condition, which will improve the efficiency of transportation through complicate road conditions.

PPU Dual circuit anti-explosion technology. When operating on complicate road conditions, the high pressure shock from PPU bump may be decompressed through the small chamber of the lifting cylinder to protect the hydraulic pipeline.

Self propelled controllable micro-movement positioning technology. With mechanical, electric, hydraulic multi ways control, to achieve accurate driving and positioning, micro moving speed can reach min 3mm/s. Positioning accuracy ≤1mm. Realize accurate relocating of oversize cargo.

Modular type Compact pinion and Rack technology. Achieving multi mode electronic independent steering through pinion and rack inside the limited installation space, steering angle can reach +130°~-100.

High tensile steel welding qualified technology. With many times of WPQ/PQR experience, we have managed the technology to control the welding quality of the high tensile steel structures, which has low welding performance and easy to have weld defects.

Massive modules combination and control technology. With mechanical, electric, hydraulic multi ways control, to achieve massive SPMT module combination.(up to 10 PPUs, over 300 lines)

Cruise control technology.Our SPMT can achieve unmanned driving according to preset driving route program into control computer.

Normally SPMTs can be divided into two types:

1. Tie rod steering type(hydraulic and mechanical steering) . Non drive axles module is hydraulic modular trailer, max steering angle is around 50°.

2. Independent suspension type(electronically and hydraulic steering). Max steering angle is up to 130°, this type SPMT can move sideways like a crab.

We supply follow different types of China SPMT:

Features of our SPMT

  • Top class parts like MTU/MAN diesel engine, Omron relay, Siemens contactor, etc
  • ASR anti skid system.
  • Steering diagnostics and tracking system help to exclude failure in advance.
  • Radio remote control is an option, realize open view drive of SPMT, with outstanding maneuverability and high security.
  • All wheels steerable, multiple and flexible steering modes.
  • Platform height is adjustable.
  • Safety valve in hydraulic circuit.
  • End by end combination and side by side combination of each module are available.
  • Moving sideways like a crab is an option.
  • The drive to walk smooth and reliable. Use variable pump and variable motor components of the closed hydrostatic drive system, can realize the precise speed regulation, stable and reliable.
  • High carrying capacity. The rated carrying capacity is up to 40 metric tons each axle line, the maximum tonnage of transport up to 60,000 tons after combination.
  • Max output traction of each driving axle is 16t. The number of drive axles can be configured according to actual situation.


TYPE S2.43 G3.0 N3.0-1 N3.4
Platform Width (mm) 2430 3000 2990 3400
Wheelbase (mm) 1400 1500 1550 1600
Platform Height (mm) 1500±300 1175±300 1070±300 1070±210
Min. Height (mm) 1200 875 770 860
Max. Steering Angle 90° 55°/100° 50° 45°