Multifunctional Tri Axle Timber Transporter Trailer

1. The style and the fence structure of the multifunction semi-trailer are designed reasonably by considering the timber and cargo type. On the basis of meeting the loading capacity, the cargo body weight is reduced fully.
2. The frame of the vehicle adopts the space frame structure of welding the longitudinal beam and the integral through type cross beam. It is outstanding in strength, rigidity, toughness and bearing capacity. Meanwhile, the frame won’t come out with permanent deformation.
3. The multifunction semi-trailer avails itself of the new type suspension system which is highlighted by high strength and strong impact resistance.

Name Multifunctional Tri Axle Timber Transporter Trailer
Tare Weight (Semi Trailer) About 6.8-8.6T
Dimension 13000mm ×2490mm×2860mm (outside dimension )
12800×2300×1800mm (inside dimension)
Loading Capacity (T) ≤ 60 T
Axle 13 T/16T, FUWA /BPW /Huajing Brand three axles
Rim 9.00-22.5
Tire 12.00R22.5/ 315 80R22.5
Suspension Mechanical suspension (German or American type)
or air suspension (Chinese brand or BPW brand )
Spring leaf 90(W)mm×13(Thickness)mm×10 layers or 100mm×12mm×12 layers
King pin JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5inch (bolted or welded type)
Support leg JOST brand D200T or Chinese brand 28Tons (Double speed)
Main beam Height: 500mm Upper plate: 14mm Middle Plate: 8mm
Bottom Plate is 16mm; Material: Q345B Steel
Side beam 16mm or 18mm steel channel (Material: Q235steel ).
Side tube 7 square tube on each side of trailer Tube size : 10×10mm
Brake chamber WABCO RE 6 relay valve; T30/30+T30 Spring brake chamber (TKL brand); 45L air tanks
ABS Optional
Twist Locks Four ,Eight or Twelve pieces (lifting type or twist Screw type)
Valve WABCO valve
Light LED light (specially intended for oversea market )
Voltage 24V
Receptacle 7-pin Socket (for 7 wire harness)
Tool box 1m × 0.5m × 0.5m (The tool box contains 1 tire spanner, 1 gudgeon sleeve and 1 cranking bar. Its size can be tailored to suit your needs.)
Painting Sandblasted, anti-rust chassis surface is available with 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats.
Shipping Terms By bulk cargo carrier, RORO or 40HQ container.