Wind Blade Trailer

Wind blade trailers, extendable telescopic trailer for sale from China, specialized for transportation of wind energy industry components and construction of wind power stations.

Wind power is an ECO and renewable energy, no need of fuel, no air pollution. Windmill plants construction is booming all over the world. We provide all types of wind blade trailer and custom made trailer for wind power industry use.

Besides nacelle, wind tower section and other windmill parts, wind blade is long and lightweight, also fragile and tender. How do make a safe and efficient transport for those blades is our trailer’s purpose.

Hydraulic, air and mechanical suspension can be adopted according to different road conditions and specific project requirements.

Extendable telescopic beam

Extendable telescopic beam protects wind turbine rotor blade from any damage during logistic, it just performed like bracket holder of the blade.


  • Mechanical spring suspension, hydraulic suspension, air bellow
  • Length of blade trailer from 40 meters to 55 meters
  • Steerable Axles(bogies) is an option
  • Remote control is an option
  • Fixed neck and hydraulic gooseneck are available
  • Adopt extendable telescopic beam